All activities are designed to encourage socialisation of marginalised groups.  In particular, emphasis is on providing healthy alternatives to substance misuse and encouraging those who are unemployed and homeless to engage with voluntary work, sport, training and apprentices all of which will lead to more productive and healthy lives and assist individuals in gaining employment.

Anyone can become homeless or experience issues of social isolation. Some reasons for this are:

  • Relationship breakdown or bereavement

  • Mental ill health
  • Alcohol abuse or drug addiction
  • Loss of employment
  • Coming out of a care home, prison or other institutions

We can assist people accessing our services by providing activities such as:

  • Group sessions.  Discussion groups and group learning.
  • Individual sessions. One-to-one advice and assistance.
  • Day programmes. Giving structure and purpose and meaningful use of time.
  • Food. Ensuring that customers are fed and are eating healthily.
  • Aftercare. Ongoing support for those who have finished our programmes or who have found employment, new accommodation, etc.
  • Help entering detox or rehab units. Helping them make the first steps to a better future.
  • Educational and back to work classes. Helping people face their issues, empowering them with new skills.

We intend to provide variety by including:

  • welfare benefits advice
  • housing support
  • specialist debt advice
  • hairdressing/barbers/chiropody
  • education and learning courses 
  • alcohol advice sessions
  • advice for family members
  • workshops and advice sessions on employment, CV writing, and volunteering or apprenticeship opportunities
  • and a safe place for people to socialise and support each other.

Our support services will enable our advisors to work with individuals and groups providing information and support to anyone affected by addiction, homelessness or social isolation. Our team will include both paid and volunteer support workers and counsellors who promote recovery through a programme of services tailored to provide help where it’s most needed.  This will be through abstinent support services, supporting individuals to contemplate or remain alcohol free, to explore the myths and facts around addiction and ultimately, to accept long-term changes to their lifestyles.

As the charity builds, further facilities will be available in consultation with the wishes and needs of the communities we serve.