About the Dover Outreach Centre

Dover Outreach Centre operates out of St Paul’s RC Church in Maison Dieu Road, Dover. This outreach service will offer opportunities for socially isolated groups such as the homeless and vulnerable to receive services at the Centre. As well as being a pleasant environment in which to socialise the services offered include a needs assessment, looking at each person’s individual needs and directing them to appropriate services.

We aim to have most of the services run in-house and currently have commitments from:

  • DWP, looking at benefits and job searches
  • Porchlight, looking at accommodation needs
  • Hairdresser, providing free hairs cuts one morning a week
  • Mental Health service, offering support and guidance

We also hope to engage with other services such as:

  • GP surgery, looking at health and medication needs
  • Drug and alcohol service
  • District Housing
  • Chiropodist
  • Citizens Advice Bureaux

In time we also plan to run workshops and education classes that will enhance a person’s employability. The service will be run by paid staff plus local volunteers.

Dover Outreach Centre is registered at the Charity Commission and is governed by a Foundation Constitution. It is directed by a Board of Trustees with various business disciplines including support, education, property, financial, human resources and company management skills.