Our Work

Our aim is to tackle the issues associated with poverty and homelessness. Our Vision is to provide support, winter shelter and services in Dover for those suffering the effects of poverty, homelessness, unemployment, discrimination, or other forms of social exclusion.

This includes drug and alcohol abuse, consequences of crime, family breakdown and unhealthy lifestyles. These issues are not seen to exist in isolation and to tackle one invariably involves looking at others.

The aims of the charity are formed from the desire for community cohesion, seeking to offer support and guidance to help individuals and groups within the community of Dover and the surrounding areas address issues of homelessness.

We are committed to ending homelessness in Dover and the surrounding areas by providing quality services to homeless adults and families, by conducting research into the local problem, by providing public education concerning homelessness and its causes and by shaping policies to prevent or find lasting solutions to homelessness.

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We provide a comprehensive, holistic service working to provide the resources needed to transform and restore the lives of homeless people by providing support in a friendly, caring setting as well as education and innovative programs designed to empower people to achieve self-sufficiency.

In time we will improve our digital presence by making it easier for people to access us online, by providing engaging and personalised content on both our website and in our social media profiles.

By recognising that many vulnerable people fall through the gaps in society and fail to engage with services that can provide the right support and guidance we have developed our services to enable us to best engage with a multitude of vulnerable groups.

Support Planning

  • We have an approach to working with individuals that includes full involvement of guests in their support planning process. Every person accessing the Centre for support will have a designated support worker who will assess their individual needs and work with them in developing an individual support plan. In order to assist the individual, support plans are detailed and time-limited.

Personal Information

  • All personal information shared with us is subject to our Data Protection and Confidentiality policies. We ask all applicants to formally consent to information being held and processed by us to
    deliver and improve our services. A signature is requested to acknowledge our privacy statement during assessment.

Equal Opportunities Statement

  • Dover Outreach Centre is committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for all, offering services fairly and without discrimination.images