Our team has volunteer support workers who promote recovery and improvement in personal circumstances through a programme of services tailored to provide help where it’s most needed.

Addiction and Substance use

We assist with addiction and substance support by referring customers to abstinent support services, helping to minimising harm and motivating clients to:

  • enter and sustain treatment
  • contemplate or remain alcohol or drug free
  • explore the myths and facts around addiction, and ultimately
  • accept long-term changes to their lifestyles.

Housing – Managing a Tenancy and Accommodation

  • We link customers to housing providers who will assess current needs and offer solutions.
  • We work with clients to ensure they have the skills and financial means to sustain a tenancy in the future.
  • Having found a place to live it is essential that education and training is provided to ensure that the confidence and skills needed to sustain the tenancy are given.  The end goal is complete independence.
  • As our service develops we will build relationships with corporate partners and third sector organsisations to offer more work opportunities.


Social Networks and Relationships

  • We support customers to address issues of isolation and manage difficult family relationships.
  • We link customers to Advocacy and Advice Services.
  • We support customers to build and sustain appropriate peer relationships.

Physical, Mental and Emotional Well-Being

  • We assist customers to engage with the health services they need to alleviate their symptoms.
  • We actively promote healthy eating and exercise.
  • We support customers to manage their health conditions and access the services they need.
  • We provide assistance in registering with a GP and referrals to specialists for further care.
  • We employ Mental Health Practitioners as well as working with local mental health services.

Living Skills and Self-Care

  • We offer budgeting and money management.
  • Assistance with claiming the right benefits.
  • Numeracy, Literacy, Education, Training and IT.
  • Basic skills training, overcoming lack of fundamental skills, IT courses.
  • Equip customers with the opportunity of achieving their aspirations.

Offending and Anti-Social behaviour

  • We encourage customers to address the causes of and attitudes towards offending to break patterns and ensure compliance with current orders.


Meaningful Use of time

We support customers to take part in activities tailored to their skills and interests.

  • Facilitating access to training and employment.
  • Engaging in recreational and community activities.
  • The groups are provided by staff, skilled mentors and external agencies, targeting individually tailored support to our participants in whatever areas of employability they most need help. They provide assistance and guidance in CV writing, interview techniques and how to complete both paper based and on-line application forms.
  • These training courses provide customers with the opportunities of meeting others who may have been seeking employment for a long time, helping them to build new contacts and to share their experiences.
  • The training courses provide access to work experience and volunteering opportunities as well as improved employability.


We are not able to provide services for:

  • Those who do not meet the basic referral criteria
  • Those whose risk assessments reveal a level of risk that our services are unable to support or work with at the time of referral

Refused referrals may be resubmitted and subsequently accepted in the light of more information or a change in the service’s ability to meet the presenting needs.