The Board of Trustees meet at least 6 times a year and trustees are delegated to oversee various sub-committees or areas of discipline including property, risk, contracts, staffing and volunteers. Trustees are recruited with a broad variety of disciplines and thereby able to provide the essential governance processes and as well as an invaluable source of experience and business acumen.

DOC trustees have overall responsibility for the work that we do. They make sure we fulfil our legal requirements, that we have a clear set of goals and are doing what we were set up to do. Our trustees come from all walks of life, sharing their skills and knowledge in a voluntary capacity.

Noel Beamish. Chairman

Noel has learned a little patience by living in a home full of women.  He has a wife, three daughters and a female dog!  He has been a Christian for most of his life and has served as an Elder of his church for 11 years.  He has also been part of Christians Together in Dover since 2010, being Chair between 2015 and 2017.   During this time he instigated and pioneered Street Pastors, Foodbank and the Outreach Centre.  He has now also started a Social Enterprise which employs previously homeless people to give them a start in work; they learn some new skills under close supervision and mentoring; this produces a CV, work experience, references and rent-free accommodation while they save their own deposit for independent living space when they are ready to move on.  He has left the security of his workplace of 19 years to do this and is currently living by faith.

Peter Wallace. Vice Chairman

Peter has been a Christian for 27 years. He is blessed with a small family.  He has a heart to see Dover regenerated both spiritually and physically and is particularly keen to see Christians working together across denominations to serve and share the good news of Jesus Christ within the community.  He hopes his work as a town planner can also be used to enhance Dover as a place to live, work and visit. Peter is a Street Pastor and it was in this role that he was moved by the challenges of homelessness, leading to his involvement in helping set up the first DOC Winter Night Shelter (2016/17).  He is also a member of the Street Pastors Management Team.

Vee Bentley, Trustee and Centre Manager

Vee is a former Civil Servant, who retired from the Department of Work and Pensions in 2016.  She has been a Christian for over 35 years. 

Meeting some of Dover’s homeless people, Vee was surprised to learn the speed at which a normal life can quickly become very different, not always through personal fault.  To see people further diminished by prejudice and criticism made her realise that a huge injustice was being done to some of the most disadvantaged people in our society.  She became a trustee having sought out the people who were determined to make a difference. 

Judith Shilling. Treasurer and acting Secretary

Judith runs a Pharmaceutical Consultancy with her husband, and in recognising how blessed she is in life wanted to reach out to help those who have so little.  She has been a volunteer at Dover Soup Kitchen for over eight years, and has been one of its leaders for the past seven.  Dover Soup Kitchen provides food 7 nights a week and creates a sense of belonging and community for those who can feel marginalized in society, but one of the frustrations in working with Dover Soup Kitchen is that they are not able to refer clients to an organisation that can help them reshape their lives.  Becoming a trustee for the Dover Outreach Centre ties in the two organisations and offers way of being able to reach out to the homeless to ensure that they receive the help they need. 

Richard Barnard. Trustee.

Richard is a trustee primarily as part of his trying to follow Christ. He has worked for nearly a decade in homelessness services and is also a trustee of his local foodbank. Richard was particularly interested in the Dover Outreach Centre as this is a Christian response to a need that it is difficult for statutory services to fill. He believes the community of those who follow Christ have something specific to add to other provision available and that those who serve, whether by being a volunteer or trustee or donator coming closer to the heart of Christ by doing so. Richard is particularly interested in long-term solutions to homelessness and also believes that Christ calls us to challenge unjust structures that cause these problems as well as providing the necessary shelter, food and care.